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Which Brush Cutter Blade Jun 09, 2018

Which brush cutter blade

Brush cutter: A forage harvesting machine that cuts pasture or other crops that can be made into hay and lays them on the ground. There are two types of reciprocating and rotary type. Reciprocating brush cutter: Relies on the relative shearing motion of the movable knife and fixed knife on the cutter to cut grass. Its characteristic is that the cutting is neat and tidy, and the power required per unit cutting width is small; but the adaptability to different growth states of forage grasses is poor, and it is easy to plug. Suitable for flat natural grassland and artificial grassland for general production. Due to the large vibration of the cutter during operation, the speed of operation is limited. The cutting speed of the moving knife is generally lower than 3 m/s, and the working speed is generally 6-8 km/h. Tractor-mounted mowers: Simple, lightweight, and flexible. There are three types of front suspension, side suspension and rear suspension, and the most widely used suspension lawn mower is the most widely used one.

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