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Other-Hedge Shears Strict Compliance With Equipment Operating Procedures Jul 05, 2017

Other-Hedge Shears working principle, magnetic pump by the pump, magnetic actuator, motor three parts. Key components Magnetic actuator consists of external magnetic rotor, internal magnetic rotor and non-magnetic isolation sleeve. When the motor drives the external magnetic rotor rotation, the magnetic field can penetrate the air gap and non-magnetic material, driven with the impeller connected to the internal magnetic rotor for synchronous rotation, to achieve the power of non-contact transmission, the dynamic seal into a static seal. As the pump shaft, the internal magnetic rotor by the pump, the isolation sleeve is completely closed, thus completely solve the run, run, drop, drain problems, eliminating the petrochemical industry flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful media through the pump seal leak safety Hidden danger, effectively guarantee the physical and mental health workers and safe production.

In setting the drive pressure of the mechanical pump, the correct method is to make the drive pressure higher than the back pressure 1-1.5kg / cm2 (15-20psig). This is correct in most cases. But sometimes to achieve the required displacement of the pump, the need to drive the pressure set slightly higher. When the drive pressure is high, the disadvantage is that it is easy to wear on the intake valve. If the drive pressure is higher than the required value, the intake valve will cause serious wear and tear and have to replace the intake valve in advance.

In this case, it is recommended to use a pressure reducing valve or a relief valve station. The pressure reducing valve may allow the drive pressure to be maintained at a set pressure capable of meeting the displacement of the pump, and also to protect the intake valve from wear. In addition, when the application space is relatively narrow, it is recommended to use a pressure relief valve with a steam pipe. In the pump pump water, the steam collector for the pump to provide a buffer for the pump. This buffer makes the whole device soft and reduces wear on the relief valve.

1 Other-Hedge Shears specification operating procedures

1. The operator shall comply with the general operating procedures for the safety of the Other-Hedge Shears. Must be familiar with the structure and performance of the Other-Hedge Shears, strictly abide by the equipment operating procedures, and training, passing the exam, before the induction operation.

2. The operator should wear the protective equipment as required before the Other-Hedge Shears is operated.

3. Before operation, check the power supply, voltage, meet the requirements to power.

4. Before operation, check the lubrication system, hydraulic system and compressed air system, oil, oil pressure, air pressure must meet the requirements.

5.Before the operation must check the photoelectric protection device is normal, the photoelectric protection device is not normal can not boot, start the Other-Hedge Shears, the operator must ensure that no work within the scope of machine work.

6. For the first use of the program, you must first do not install the workpiece empty run, to ensure correct before the workpiece can be loaded for processing.

7. Before starting the machine must check the upper and lower mold out of the mouth, can not have iron. Check the cutting tool and punching mold is intact without cracking, punch and die hole wall gap should be uniform, shear cutting edge should be kept sharp, the cutting ring, cutting tool, The

8. When the Other-Hedge Shears is started, the operator is not allowed to leave the console or trustee to be stopped, people should leave or cut off the power switch.

9. When the person approaches the machine, adjust the speed to zero and press the stop key.

10. After the end of the work, to cut off the Other-Hedge Shears power, including the power box to disconnect the air switch and disconnect the air compressor power supply, and the handle on the working position, the lock door lock.

11. Operators should keep the scene and the machine clean, the ambient temperature should be maintained at 10-40 ℃, the machine hydraulic oil working temperature 20-60 ℃.

12. Please strictly follow the above operating procedures.

13. During the operation, abnormal noise, shock, vibration and high temperature and other phenomena, press the emergency stop, should immediately stop maintenance. Do not carry sick work.