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Other-Hedge Shears Reduce The Noise Has A Significant Effect Jul 14, 2017

Power transformers are one of the most important devices in power systems and are the basis for ensuring power supply reliability. With the rapid development of the entire national economy, the demand for transformers will continue to increase. However, with the increase in the installed capacity of power transformers,Other-Hedge Shears its own energy consumption is also growing, which is to promote the construction of energy-saving society is not consistent with the need to take appropriate technical measures to reduce the transformer's own losses, Therefore, it is necessary to study how to reduce the iron loss of the transformer.

The loss of power transformer mainly includes no-load loss and load loss in two parts. Transformer's no-load loss mainly includes the core material hysteresis loss, eddy current loss and additional loss of several parts, but also because the transformer no-load loss is the excitation loss, so nothing to do with the load.

1) Hysteresis loss is the loss of ferromagnetic material due to hysteresis during repeated magnetization. The hysteresis loss is proportional to the area of the hysteresis loop.

2) Eddy current loss. As the core itself as a metal conductor, so the electromagnetic induction caused by the electromotive force will be generated in the core circulation, that is, eddy current. As the core has a vortex flow, and the core itself there is resistance, it caused eddy current loss. 3) Additional iron loss. Additional iron loss is not entirely dependent on the transformer material itself, but mainly with the transformer structure and production process and so on. The main causes of additional iron loss are: high-order harmonic components in the flux waveform,Other-Hedge Shears which will cause additional eddy current losses; loss due to deterioration of the magnetic properties caused by machining; Column and iron yoke of the T-zone and other parts of the local loss increases.

As the no-load loss is an important parameter of the transformer, only the total loss of the transformer 20% to 30%, to reduce the no-load loss, must reduce the total core, unit loss and process coefficient. The main ways to reduce the no-load loss are as follows:

(1) the use of high permeability silicon steel sheet and amorphous alloy sheet. Ordinary silicon steel sheet thickness of 0.3 ~ 0.35 mm, low loss, available 0.15 ~ 0.27 mm. At the same time, if the use of ladder stack, you can reduce the iron loss of about 8%. With laser irradiation, mechanical indentation and plasma treatment can make high permeability silicon steel sheet loss lower. And amorphous alloy sheet and the principle of rapid cooling made of silicon content of 6.5% of the silicon steel sheet, the eddy current loss part of the general high permeability silicon steel sheet.

(2) reduce the process coefficient. Process loss coefficient and silicon steel sheet material, punching and polishing equipment is the annealing, clamping degree and many other factors. It is also important to check the tool precision, tooling and adjustment of the punching and shearing equipment.

(3) to improve the core structure. The core is not punching, do not bandage glass adhesive tape, the end of the coating paint, phase iron yoke with high-strength strip banding. A non - magnetic steel plate for pulling plates on both sides of the stem. The high-capacity core film is not painted, improve the filling factor and cooling performance. With the pressure of the tooling and viscose to make the core yoke become a solid, smooth, vertical and high precision of the whole. Reduce the core overlap width can be reduced loss,Other-Hedge Shears overlap area by 1%, no-load loss will drop 0.3%. Iron core mixed with different grades of silicon steel will be energy consumption, it should be mixed or not mixed.

(4) to reduce the core window size. If the 120 000/110 transformer is distributed according to the impulse voltage, the thickness of the turn of the high-voltage winding and the pressure section is 1.35 mm and the other segments are 0.95 mm. The insulation of the winding is changed from changing to insulation. The results due to narrow the window size, iron weight 1.67%. Under the premise of safety, reasonable reduction of high and low main airway distance, reduce the oil between the cake, reduce the distance between the phase, to strengthen the insulation treatment (plus ring, partitions, etc.), winding semi-oil structure, Column center distance, reducing the weight of the core, but also reduce the iron loss.

(5) design without resonance core. The resonant frequency of the core design in the appropriate frequency, so that it can not produce a strong resonance,Other-Hedge Shears to reduce the noise has a significant effect, you can save the noise and more energy.

(6) the use of core transformers and three-dimensional core transformer core. Volume core than the traditional laminated core less four sharp corners, continuous winding full use of silicon steel sheet orientation, the use of annealing process, reducing the additional loss. For the R-type core,Other-Hedge Shears the cross-sectional duty factor is close to 100%. The three-dimensional iron yoke for the three-dimensional arrangement, than the flat core iron ring weight reduction by 25%. These factors indicate that the core and the three-dimensional core are more energy efficient.