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Mower Blade Simple Operation, Convenient And Efficient Nov 06, 2017

Mower Blade also known as lawn Mower Blades, lawn Mower Blades, mowing machines and so on. Lawn Mower Blade is a kind of mechanical tool for mowing lawns and vegetation, it is made up of knife plate, engine, walking wheel, walking organization, Blade, handrail, control. The knife plate is mounted on the walking wheel, the cutter plate is equipped with the engine, the engine output shaft is equipped with the blade, the blade uses the engine high speed rotation to raise many in the speed aspect, saves the weeding worker's working time, reduces many human resources.

The organization structure of lawn Mower Blade

Mower Blade also known as lawn Mower Blade, from the knife plate, engine, walking wheel, walking organization, blades, handrails and control some of the composition. By the parallel four-bar lifting equipment, the rack, the manipulation of single-wing weeding equipment, the whole machine deviation equipment, the comb-tooth rotary bevel gear growth Drive organization and comb-tooth imitation-type dimming equipment components; The power ratio is increased by 8 to 10 times times, the rate of injury is low, and the rate of

Lawn Mower Blade Classification

According to the different specifications, the Mower Blade can be distinguished by the following:

1,according to Trek: Intelligent semi-automatic-style towed, after the promotion type, mount type, tractor suspension.

2, by Power: Human Animal drive, engine drive, Power Drive, Solar drive.

3, according to the method: Hob type, rotary knife type, side hanging type, jilt knife type.

4, according to the request: flat type, halfway type, cutting top type.

Hand-held rotary lawn Mower Blade is usually equipped with no knife cutting open, using high-strength nylon rope as pasture cut parts, flexible structure, not afraid to encounter rigid obstacles, the use of relatively safe, replacement is also very convenient.

The operation method of lawn Mower Blade has a reciprocating and rotary type, its higher cutting power greatly saves time, and realizes the green environmental protection, beautify the environment function, the operation is simple, convenient and efficient, so it is widely used. Machine delicate, suitable for small and medium-sized lawn. Use cut grass confidential according to the request, determine the stubble height after mowing, use very convenient.

Working principle of lawn Mower Blade

Mowing can only be trimmed horizontally along the slope, but not on the slope. Modern lawn Mower Blades are more conducive to operation.

Lawn Mower Blade is the main application in the garden decoration pruning, lawn beautification pruning, city street, landscaping scenic spots, pastoral pruning, field weeding, especially in the park grasslands and grasslands, football fields and other grass occasions, private villas and gardens, as well as agricultural and forestry animal husbandry occasions, such as the repair, can also be used in the autumn harvest.

However, the lawn Mower Blade in the village field, the area, the mountain mowing the grass has certain limitations, the primary reason lies in the terrain irregularity, the power supply method and the lawn Mower Blade's component portability and so on question.

Nowadays the lawn Mower Blade is used as a petrol Mower Blade, and also called a petrol saw. The utility is widely used for lawn trimming and beautification in the park lawn, landscaping belt, factory lawn, golf course, home garden, lawn, orchard and other occasions.