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Mower Blade Simple Operation, Convenient And Efficient Jul 05, 2017

Mower is best not to use more oil, because the oil in the cylinder of the mechanical parts of the lubrication, is through the role of oil splash wheel, constantly splashing the oil, the lawn of the various parts of the lubrication , Clean, cool, if too much filling the oil but will cause a lot of emulsification and bubbles, but also can not splash the oil, which can not play the role of lubrication, so that the cylinder temperature. So the Mower Blade in the course of not too much filling oil.

The way the mower works is reciprocating and rotary, and its higher mowing efficiency saves time and saves green, beautifies the environment, is simple, easy and efficient, and is widely used. The machine is small and suitable for small and medium sized lawns. Use the Mower Blade according to the requirements, to determine the stubble after cutting the height, the use of very convenient.

The use of mower for mowing efficiency than artificial weeding increased 8 to 10 times, the seedling rate is low, in addition to seedling clean rate.

How does the blade of the lawnmower be maintained?

Maintenance of the Mower Blade, in addition to the bearing for a certain maintenance, and then important to the non-lawnmower blade is none other than. Today we will look at how to care for the lawnmower blade:

1, regularly check the blade and even the sleeve of the connection, the use of the blade when the impact of other objects, it should be promptly checked.

2, grinding the blade, the blade should follow the original angle and direction, should ensure that both sides of the blade grinding equal, sharpening after doing static balance.

3, re-install the blade, should be in the crankshaft and even the hole on the surface of the hole coated with lubricating oil, the center of the bolt and the crankshaft screw hole should also be coated to prevent the future caused by corrosion and can not be removed.

4, if not used for a long time, the blade surface should be cleaned, and coated with lubricants to prevent corrosion.

    Proper maintenance of the lawnmower blade can effectively extend the service life of the Mower Blade. For more information on the maintenance of the Mower Blade, please call our company for more detailed communication.