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Mower Blade Saves The Weeding Worker's Working Time Oct 26, 2017

Mower also known as Mower Blade, weeding machine, we often have a piggyback mower and side-hanging mower, compared to the side-hanging Mower Blade structure simple more durable, but also more efficient. Nowadays, the Mower Blade is used for side-hanging type gasoline mower, which is widely used in park grassland, green belt, factory lawn, golf course, home garden, grassland, orchard and other places. Today, I would like to introduce to you the installation steps and application scope of the side-mounted gasoline mower.

Mower Blade is a kind of mechanical tools for mowing lawns and vegetation, the output shaft of the engine is equipped with blades, the blade is improved in speed by the high-speed rotation of the engine, which saves the working time of the weeding workers and reduces a lot of human resources.

I. Safety rules for mower

A, with good leggings, wear rubber shoes, put on overalls.

B, machine start-up and operation, the blade is not allowed to put in the vicinity of clutter and clothing, work area radius of 7-8 meters can not be someone.

C, do not move the machine in operation.

D, start-up operation, low speed operation 1-3 minutes after loading, no-load, not allowed to open high-speed.

II. Precautions for the use of Mower Blades

A, gasoline recommends the use of # above oil, oil recommend the use of high-quality engine oil, the new machine in the first 30 hours mixing ratio of 1:20, 30 hours after the normal ratio of 1:30. The four-stroke engine must be pure petrol with a separate oil port and oil.

b, the new machine use after 5 hours should replace the oil, 10 hours after the use of oil should be replaced, and then according to the requirements of the manual regular replacement of oil.

C, before starting to check the machine (engine oil surface, gasoline quantity, filtration performance of air filter, screw tightness, blade tightness and sharpness degree).

D, Leng state starting engine, should first close the throttle, pressure injector more than 3 times, will throttle open to the maximum. Start and then open the throttle in a timely manner.

E, mowing grass, cut grass, cut in stages.

F, continuous working hours do not exceed 4 hours, 50 minutes for each work recommended 10 minutes rest.