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Mower Blade Regular Replacement Of Oil Sep 26, 2017

Mower Blade maintenance often encounter the valve regulation of the question, how to tune, the tone is just the beginning of contact with the lawnMower Blade repair often encountered questions.

139 four-stroke lawnMower Blade valve components of the mission principle and gasoline engines and motorcycles similar to the device and conditioning the way is similar, but because the Mower Blade power is relatively small, so the accuracy of conditioning requirements will be higher.

It can be seen that the Mower Blade cam teeth and the lawnMower Blade crankshaft teeth each have a positioning point. When the crankshaft, the cam positioning point is good, and then push the piston to the top, this time, the magnetic flywheel positioning Shaw pointed to the top, the magnetic flywheel and high pressure package just magnet and the line turns the nearest.

Then the valve is the adjustment. At this point only the valve and the rocker just transferred to close to live can. In fact, the valve and the upper arm gap is 0.02 ± 0.005 mm, this practice just just can be affixed to the past, and leave the gap is due to the object of thermal expansion and contraction principle, in the engine task will be just close contact.

The valve tightening force of the intake and exhaust valves is as follows:

1, the gap is too large: into the exhaust valve to open later, to extend the intake and exhaust time, reducing the valve opening height, change the normal gas phase, so that the engine due to lack of intake, exhaust is not clean Power drop, in addition, also make the impact of the valve parts to add, wear slow down.

2, the gap is too small: the task after the engine, the parts heat shrink, the valve pushed open, so that the valve closed lax, the formation of leakage, power down, and the appearance of the valve seal serious carbon deposition or burn, and even valve hit the piston The

3, the exhaust valve gap due to heat shrinkage than the intake valve, so the gap is greater, in fact, compared with the intake valve about +0.005 mm.

Safety procedures for lawn Mower Blades

a, with good leggings, put on rubber shoes, put on uniforms.

b, the machine starts and run, the blade is not allowed near the messy items and clothing, the work area radius of 7-8 meters can not be someone.

c, not moving the machine in operation.

d, start operation, low-speed operation after 1-3 minutes after the load, no load, are not allowed to open high-speed.

Cautions for use of Mower Blades

a, gasoline recommended the use of more than 90 # oil, oil recommended the use of high-quality engine oil; new machine in the first 30 hours of mixing ratio of 1: 20,30 hours after the normal ratio of 1:30. Four-stroke engine must be added pure gasoline, a separate oil port plus oil.

b, the new machine should be replaced after 5 hours of oil, the use of 10 hours after the oil should be replaced once again, according to the requirements of the instructions after the regular replacement of oil.

c, check the machine before starting the machine (engine oil surface, the number of gasoline, air filter filter performance, screw tightness, blade elasticity and sharpness).

d, start the engine under the state of the engine, you should first close the damper, press the oiler more than 3 times, the throttle to the maximum. Start and then open the damper.

e, mowing, slope mowing, phased cut.

f, continuous working hours not more than 4 hours, every 50 minutes of work recommended to rest 10 minutes.