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Mower Blade More Automated, More Comfortable Operation Jul 14, 2017

Mower Blade (Mower Blade), also known as weeding machine, Mower Blade, lawn trimmer and so on. The lawnmower is a mechanical tool for pruning lawns, vegetation, etc. It consists of a cutterhead, an engine, a walking wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, a handrail, and a control part. The cutterhead is mounted on the running wheel, the engine is equipped with an engine, the output shaft of the engine is equipped with a blade, and the blade is rotated at high speed with the engine to trim the lawn. Mower has many kinds in the contemporary, and in the early nineteenth century the prototype of the Mower Blade has already appeared.development process

In 1805, the British Pramakette invented the first harvest of grain and weed the machine, by the people to promote the machine, through the gear to drive the knife cut grass, which is the prototype of the Mower Blade.

In 1830, the British textile engineer Bill - Pudding made a roller Mower Blade patent.

In 1831, the British textile master Kabelia made the world's exclusive patent.

In 1832, the Ransomius Agricultural Company began mass production of drum Mower Blade.

In 1902 the British London Eners created the internal combustion engine for the drum Mower Blade, its principle has been extended so far. With the rapid rise of the lawn industry, in the garden machinery mower developed very fast.

Development status China's agricultural population is the largest number of countries in the world, and the agricultural population accounts for the majority of China's total population. Therefore, the development of agricultural machinery, the development of productive forces in our agricultural country is particularly urgent, weeding as agricultural production in the most basic and indispensable mode of operation, to improve the crop yield has a direct Impact. With the development of modern agriculture, the traditional way of labor is not only costly and inefficient, but also can not meet the demand of production. The way of weeding is also developed by manual operation to later chemical preparations. Weeding, but the chemical will inevitably produce chemical residues in people increasingly demanding food quality today, more and more people are concerned about the green, so more environmentally friendly mechanical weeding has been recognized by the people And rapid development.

As a result of the use of mechanical weeding measures, the crop growth has a very good role in promoting, while helping to protect the ecological environment, reduce chemical herbicides on pesticide residues in crops, improve crop organic matter content, beneficial to people's health, but at the same time how It is a difficult problem to control the damage rate of the crop within an acceptable range under the premise of ensuring the efficiency of weeding. It is also necessary to design a corresponding crop for different crops and different crop growth environments. The reasonable weeding machinery.

The future development of mower

Mower: began to gradually replace the walking self-propelled Mower Blade push-type Mower Blade. In particular, can achieve zero radius of rotation, maneuverability is very good, can be a machine with a full hydraulic lawn tractor come out, it has been widely welcomed by the majority of users, is expected in the near future, there will be a higher degree of automation, more comfortable operation The lawn machinery appears.

The way the mower works is reciprocating and rotary, and its higher mowing efficiency saves time and saves green, beautifies the environment, is simple, easy and efficient, and is widely used. The machine is small and suitable for small and medium sized lawns. Use the Mower Blade according to the requirements, to determine the stubble after cutting the height, the use of very convenient.

The use of mower for mowing efficiency than artificial weeding increased 8 to 10 times, the seedling rate is low, in addition to seedling clean rate.