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Mower Blade Maintenance, Maintenance Machinery Is Also Very Important Jun 01, 2017

The Mower Bladeis a mechanical tool for pruning lawns, vegetation, etc. The engine's output shaft is equipped with blades, and the blades use the engine's high-speed rotation to increase the speed, saving the sheer's working time and reducing the amount of manpower Resources.

Mower fault handling method:

1, severe vibration

There are several possible causes for this phenomenon:

(1) blade bending or wear loss of dynamic balance;

(2) crankshaft due to impact and bending;

(3) joint knife damage, resulting in blade and crankshaft relative rotation, causing imbalance;

(4) engine fixing screws and other loose;

(5) damage to the engine base;

(6) blade impact hard objects.

2, grass grass effect is not good

(1) set the long-term use of straw bags did not clean up, resulting in unclean, airtight led to poor grass;

(2) row of grass mouth long-term clean up, plot grass plug the grass row, resulting in poor grass row;

(3) blade wear too much, knife blade can not get grass effect;

(4) engine wear, power loss is too large, the blade rotation speed is low lead to grass effect is poor;

(5) grass grass is not flat, resulting in poor grass row.

3, the engine is not smooth

The throttle is in the maximum position, the throttle is in the open state; the spark plug is loose; the water and dirt enter the fuel system; the air cleaner is too dirty; the carburetor is improperly adjusted; the engine fixing screw is loose: the engine crankshaft is bent. Eliminate the throttle switch: press the spark plug outside the line; clean the fuel tank, re-add fuel; clean the air filter or replace the filter; re-adjust the carburetor; turn off the engine after the check screw: calibration crankshaft or replace the new shaft.

4, the engine can not turn off

Throttle line in the engine on the installation of the appropriate location; throttle line break; throttle activity is not sensitive; flame line can not touch. Remedy: Reinstall the throttle line; replace the new throttle line; drip into the throttle position a small amount of oil; check or replace the flame. Agricultural machinery as a good helper for agricultural production and fortune, not only to buy, good maintenance, proper operation, maintenance, maintenance machinery is also very important.