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Mower Blade Correct Use, Proper Maintenance May 12, 2017

Problems in the use of Mower Blade

Mower Blade First, a unit to buy a new Mower Blade, starting the normal operation, but after 5 minutes suddenly shut down, after each start are downtime. Maintenance found that the machine is no fault, is due to the fuel tank seal did not remove, resulting in negative fuel tank, causing poor fuel supply and downtime. The machine is removed when the cover is removed. This requires the seller to do the sale of services, to avoid the occurrence of the above problems. Second, a unit to buy a new Mower Blade, there are about 30 minutes after the start suddenly shut down and the heat machine can not start the phenomenon, the maintenance of mechanical testing all the normal indicators, and finally found the fuel label is wrong, all the normal oil change. When using units to buy fuel, pay attention to the fuel label, use the correct fuel. Third, a unit to buy a new Mower Blade, use a day later, called the Mower Blade problems, can not start. The original second day for the use of personnel, did not add gasoline. Everything is normal after refueling. The use of units should be trained by mechanical operators to ensure the correct use of the machine. Four, received a call from a user, said just bought the Mower Blade power shortage, cut grass. The original is not the problem of Mower Blade, because they trim the lawn grass up to half a meter high. Therefore, we must abide by one-third of the lawn pruning principle, or the Mower Blade life and lawn life has a great impact, but also affect the lawn's beauty. Fifth, a unit to buy a new Mower Blade, the use of 3 days later, there are black smoke and lack of power phenomenon. The reason is too much oil, oil surface is too high, the oil from the breathing hole sprayed filter will be wet, resulting in insufficient intake caused. Should replace the filter, control the amount of oil, the Mower Blade running normally. Ask the sales unit to do the sale to explain, the use of personnel to carefully read the machine instructions, the correct use, proper maintenance, can make the normal operation of the machine. Six, a unit to buy a new Mower Blade, just use less than a month, the machine can not start. All the internal parts of the machine wear serious, crankshaft, piston, cylinder and so on more than scrapped standards, no maintenance value. Understand that the use of oil is fake and shoddy products, oil contains a lot of metal chips and sand. Require the use of machine instructions specified in the label of the oil, but also pay attention to purchase channels, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses. Seven, a unit to buy a few new Mower Blade, one of the use, the start only turn around a circle, the machine was stuck can not turn. Because the purchase machine test machine, add a good oil, packing back to the unit when the warehouse, the Mower Blade was inverted, the oil flow into the cylinder caused by the oil released from the cylinder, the Mower Blade will be normal use. Eight, a unit from a dealer at the purchase of three Mower Blade, in the run-in, the three Mower Blades have their own shutdown. After checking the three machines are due to no oil caused by pulling the cylinder caused. The distribution unit is obliged to carry out the operation and maintenance training of the personnel in order to properly use and maintain the Mower Blade. Nine, lawn pruning one-third of the principle of a new unit to buy a lawn mower, soon called the phone, reflecting the lack of power of the lawn mower, cutting grass is very difficult. To the scene to understand I discovered: lawn grass grows too high, has more than the lawn of the knife cutter. Therefore, the pruning of the lawn should be based on the specific use of the lawn turf grass height control in a certain range, each pruning should follow the principle of one-third: the pruning of turfgrass height of the turf grass height of the third The This is conducive to the re-growth of turfgrass, but also conducive to the normal play lawn trimmer function.