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Mower Blade Correct Operation Of The Use Of Maintenance Jun 23, 2017

The Mower Blade is a mechanical tool for pruning lawns, vegetation and so on. The output shaft of the engine is equipped with blades. The blade uses the engine's high-speed rotation to improve the speed, saving the working time of the weed workers and reducing the amount of manpower Resources.

Mower fault handling method:

1, severe vibration

There are several reasons why this can happen:

(1) blade bending or wear loss of dynamic balance;

(2) crankshaft due to impact and bending;

(3) joint knife damage, resulting in relative rotation of the blade and crankshaft, causing imbalance;

(4) engine fixing screws and other loose;

(5) damage to the engine base;

(6) blade impact hard objects.

2, set grass effect is poor

(1) set the long-term use of straw bags did not clean up, resulting in unclean, airtight led to poor grass;

(2) row of grass mouth long-term clean up, plot grass plug the grass mouth, resulting in poor grass row;

(3) blade wear too much, knife blade can not get grass effect;

(4) engine wear, power loss is too large, low blade rotation speed lead to grass grass effect is poor;

(5) grass grass is not flat, resulting in poor grass row.

3, the engine is not smooth

The throttle is in the maximum position, the throttle is in the open state; the spark plug is loose; the water and dirt enter the fuel system; the air cleaner is too dirty; the carburetor is improperly adjusted; the engine fixing screw is loose: the engine crankshaft is bent. Remark: Lower the throttle switch: press the spark plug outside the line; clean the fuel tank, re-add the fuel; clean the air filter or replace the filter; re-adjust the carburetor; check off the engine after fixing the screw: correct crankshaft or replace the new shaft.

4, the engine can not turn off

Throttle line in the engine on the installation of the appropriate location; throttle line break; throttle activity is not sensitive; flame line can not touch. Remedy: Reinstall the throttle line; replace the new throttle line; throw a small amount of oil into the throttle position; check or replace the flame stop line. Agricultural machinery as a good helper for agricultural production and fortune, not only to buy, good maintenance, proper operation, maintenance, maintenance machinery is also very important.

5, the spring can not start

After the winter, such as poor maintenance in the spring can not start, the reasons and countermeasures have the following:

(1) may be the first year of oil tank is not exhausted, so check whether the oil is qualified fresh oil;

(2) its role is to send high-voltage wire (fire mouth) pulse high-voltage discharge, breakdown between the spark plug between the two electrodes, resulting in spark to ignite the cylinder of the mixed gas. A lot of idle instability, jitter, acceleration bad, lack of power, frequent idling self-flame phenomenon, oil, gas consumption increased. This is due to the damage caused by the spark plug. Such as spark plugs dirty, clean, serious damage, need to replace the same type of accessories. If you can not ignite, you can adjust the spark plug electrode gap, 0.6-0.9mm in winter, the other season is 0.9-1.0mm;

(3) if it is gasifier in the previous year before the fuel is not burned off should be cleaned gasifier (must ask the professional cleaning);

(4) to send professional shop maintenance.

The Mower Blade engine carburetor.

6, muffler smoke blue smoke

 The above fault is caused by the participation of the oil in the combustion. Find the fault after the first check the oil dipstick to see if the oil is excessive. Such as excessive, let go of excess oil and then run ten minutes. If the fault is still unexcused, the engine needs to be serviced.

7, mowing weakness

Remove the air filter and replace it if it can not be cleaned. Check if the blade is sharp, if more blunt need to be polished. In addition, whether the lawn is thick and thick, and if so, the shearing size should be increased to reduce the load on the engine.

8, when the rope began to rebound

Ignition time ahead is the cause of the failure. Usually because the blade when playing a hard object, causing the flywheel key to be cut. At this point the faulty machine should be overhauled.

9, easy away from the clutch easy to wear

Hob cutter in the use of the process, because the operator does not operate according to the provisions of the operation, often by clicking the way to control the self, thus increasing the wear of the clutch, and ultimately to self-clutch failure, so hob Machine in the use of the process, must be a one-time self-handle handle in place.

10, lawn mower grass row poor

Reason: the engine speed is too low, plot grass to block the grass mouth, grassland humidity is too large, too long grass, too dense, blade is not sharp.

Lawn mower grass row of grass to remove the method: remove the lawn mower within the grass, the lawn water to be dry and then cut, divided into two or three cuts, each cut only 1/3 long grass, the blade polished sharp The

11, overheating damage

Skirt dry white or light gray, serious porcelain surface with local loose uplift. Electrode ablation, the central electrode near the end of a circle of ablation, and tumor-like particles sticky. Can be too thin gas, spark plug heat value is low or leak, too early ignition or gasoline engine overheating, will cause overheating burning.

12, carbon deposition

It is recommended that each year before the first start of the grass, hire professional maintenance personnel to repair each mower, so that a rainy day. Maintenance of the main items are: cleaning carburetor, clean up the combustion chamber of the carbon, check the high-voltage lines are smooth, gearbox is working properly and so on.