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Hedge Trimmer Blade Long Life, Excellent Workmanship Is Inseparable Jun 14, 2017

Hedge Trimmer Blade First talk about what good scissors? Why the price is so high! I believe that the use of high-grade scissors hair stylist friends must have experience? Good scissors in the pruning hair when the sense of cutting blade sharp, easy to work, do not damage the guests hair, long life, the most critical is that you can do a lot of more difficult some pruning skills action! We know that scissors is different from the hair cutting blade, not to say that the scissors blade sharp cut hair when relaxed and light! Scissors are cut through two blades to cut the hair! To scissors sharp, long life, good steel and excellent workmanship is inseparable! Only good steel is not a good workmanship or only fine workmanship is not good steel is not work!

one. From the outside view: a good blade steel to have a certain amount of carbon, the density should be high, toughness is better, so most of the good steel polished will be issued very bright shiny pure iron or ordinary stainless steel will be issued some white luster The We can do to compare! Workmanship we can from the appearance of the scissors streamline and screw connection and other subtle places to see out,Hedge Trimmer Blade good scissors appearance streamline smooth screws and other subtle places fine workmanship!

Two: feel: good scissors are used after the high pressure forging the steel will be high density So in the hands of carefully feel will fall, the feeling of pressure hand

three. The sharpness of the cutting edge and the degree of scissors. Sharp scissors will be like cutting the blade like a stick on the hair sticky hair and will not fall! Cut some (such as cotton silk, plastic wrap, sprayed with water, facial tissue, etc.) soft things do not appear clip folder folder the phenomenon of meat! And the two blades bite soft and smooth! But would like to test this will be difficult! The price is relatively low scissors may have some business will let you buy when you make a test,Hedge Trimmer Blade a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars high price scissors general business is not easy to let you cut the test! I am running high-grade scissors, in fact, try to write down the engraved countless times to do it! Many times after a good scissors in the edge of the ripple line will be traces of friction, there will be customers mistaken for the scissors who have been used to buy it! Oh, in fact, excellent and perfect after-sales service is the most critical, (warranty) this can be done in the country is very few! Even after the sale of the effect of grinding it? 

Above is from the more intuitive aspects to give you a little reference to something (not absolute)! To avoid everyone less detours for the best, some more professional things I said we may be more Hu Tu do not understand! It is recommended that you buy scissors as far as possible to some of the long years of business reputation for a good business! Originally my point of view is whether the high price or low price scissors can trim the ideal hair effect we need the scissors for us to cut out the economic benefits is good scissors! The Can be a sub-price goods, good things will certainly have a good price! Do not buy high prices at all!