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Cylinder Mower Blade Work Ability To Enhance Many, In Terms Of Speed To Improve A Lot Jul 05, 2017

Cylinder Mower Blade Foam filter every 25 hours to clean once, dust should be more frequent. Foam filter cleaning using kerosene or washing liquid and water cleaning, squeeze dry, and then soaked in oil, squeeze the excess oil can be installed. If you print "DON NOT OIL" do not have to add oil. Paper filter is cleaned every 25 hours, dust is more frequent. The filter is cleaned once every 25 hours with the front air filter and the paper core is cleaned once every 100 hours. Dust should be more frequent. The cleaning of the front air filter is the same as that of the foam filter.

Lawnmower carburetor adjustment

Observe the color of the ceramic under the center of the spark plug, if it is normal for brick red,

Mower symptoms: emergency fuel, easy to burn,Cylinder Mower Blade carburetor plus high-speed, exhaust pipe has the phenomenon of blasting.

Possible reasons: the general mixture is too thick

Solution: replace the normal carburetor, or adjust the original carburetor oil needle, the carburetor mix than the screw counterclockwise rotation.

Mower symptoms: flame or off the fire phenomenon. The color of the ceramic under the center of the spark plug is white

Possible reasons: the general mixture is too thin

Possible cause: Solution: Replace the normal carburetor, or turn the reason the carburetor mix rotates clockwise

If you have to adjust their own, see below.

The carburetor adjustment can be carried out as follows:

1, first check and carburetor-related connection of the connection to ensure that the carburetor inhale normal, no leakage, suction block phenomenon.

2, the carburetor mixing screw clockwise rotation in the end, and then counterclockwise rotation 1.5 laps.

3, start the engine, let the engine warm up for 10 minutes, so that the engine to the normal working temperature.

4, adjust the carburetor idling adjustment screw, so that the engine speed is the lowest and can not keep out.

5, left and right repeatedly adjust the carburetor than the screw, so that the engine speed to the highest. In this process, some friends will find the mixing than the screw to adjust to a certain position, and then counterclockwise rotation mixing than the screw, idling will no longer change, this time you can mix the screw stay in the idle just transferred to the maximum s position.

6, repeated 4,5 step operation, so that the engine idle speed.

7, the rapid rotation of the throttle handle, fierce fuel, and then loose throttle, in the process, observe the engine acceleration and deceleration is smooth, if smooth, then the adjustment is successful, if not smooth, repeat 4 to 6 steps until the engine plus Slow down so far.

8, the engine idling, should be kept for 5 minutes without flameout, idle speed adjustment is good, some vehicles may be idle will be very low, this time should be slightly higher idle speed,Cylinder Mower Blade keep at 1000-1500 r / min, because the idle speed is too low , High-speed traffic pine throttle idle operation may be stalled, because the high-speed air intake pressure decreases, affecting the carburetor idling gas supply.

Mower is a kind of garden pruning tool, it is small, but the work efficiency is very high!

Mower is characterized by work flat, simple operation, the need to cut the object, mainly grass cutting strong, suitable for high-yield grassland and large parks. The mower relies on the relative shearing movement of the cutter and the fixed knife to cut the grass, which is characterized by a neat cut,Cylinder Mower Blade the required power is small, but the adaptability of the grass is poor, easy to clog, suitable for flat natural grassland And artificial pasture operations. Production and use of rotary mowers in the mid-1980s. Rely on high-speed rotating cutter on the blade impact cutting grass. With the improvement of science and technology, the new improved Cylinder Mower Bladeproducts to enhance the ability to work in many ways to improve the speed of the weed workers to save the operating time, saving a lot of human resources.