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Cylinder Mower Blade Weed Cutting The Best Results Sep 26, 2017

In our usual home garden finishing, the most commonly used garden tool is nothing more than the chain saw, high oil chain saw, there is the Cylinder Mower Blade. And usually the most common mower is the kneeling Cylinder Mower Blade. This mower features a lot, mainly in the following:

High efficiency: the general use of this Cylinder Mower Blade, its effect is equivalent to 16 times the artificial weeding, to quickly complete the operation;

Benefit: If it is for the orchard weeding, because of its fast rotation, cutting effect is very good, especially for the tenderness of the weed cutting the best results. Generally one year in addition to three grass can be;

To maintain soil and water: artificial hoe weeding, due to weeding at the same time loosening the topsoil, it will often cause a certain soil erosion, artificial hull in the ladder, resulting in soil erosion will be more serious. And if the use of mower mowing, because only part of the exclusion of the ground, almost no impact on the soil, coupled with the grass-roots solid soil effect, to maintain soil and water is extremely favorable;

Can increase the fertility: the use of Cylinder Mower Blade weeding, in general, in addition to the grass can cover the whole orchard, can be used as orchard organic fertilizer, increase soil fertility.

The technical point of using this Cylinder Mower Blade is that weeds are generally at 10-13 cm for the best weeding time. If the weeds are too high, the best step in two steps, first cut the upper part, and then cut the lower part. When using the Cylinder Mower Blade, keep your hands in hand and keep a certain inclination on the side of the fruit tree so that the cut weeds fall as far as possible on the edge of the fruit tree and can be used as organic fertilizer.

Mower work in a reciprocating and rotary mode, and its high mowing efficiency saves time and achieves green, landscaping, easy-to-use, efficient and efficient, and is widely used. The machine is small and suitable for small and medium sized lawns. Use the Cylinder Mower Blade according to the requirements, to determine the stubble after cutting the height, the use of very convenient.

Cracks can only be trimmed along the slope, and can not be trimmed. Modern Cylinder Mower Blade is more conducive to operation.

Mower is a kind of garden pruning tool, it is small, but the work efficiency is very high!

Mower is characterized by flat work, simple operation, the need to cut the object, mainly grass cutting strong, suitable for high yield grassland and large parks. The mower relies on the relative shearing movement of the cutter and the knife to cut the grass, which is characterized by a neat cut, the required power is small, but the adaptability of the grass is poor, easy to plug, suitable for flat natural grassland And artificial pasture operations. Production and use of rotary mowers in the mid-1980s. Rely on high-speed rotating cutter blade cutting cutting grass. With the improvement of technology, the new improved Cylinder Mower Blade products work ability to enhance many, in terms of speed to improve a lot, save the sheltered workers operating time, saving a lot of human resources.