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Cylinder Mower Blade Master The Use Of Skills And Security Issues Jul 14, 2017

Cylinder Mower Blade The engine can not start. Cause: no gasoline; spark plug wiring off; throttle switch is not starting position; oil barrier; ignition dislocation; spark plug damage. Eliminate the method: add gasoline; then plug the spark plug; the throttle switch to the maximum; clean up the oil; calibration ignition time; replace the new spark plug. The engine is running smoothly. Cause: The throttle is in the maximum position, the throttle is in the open state; the spark plug is loose; the water and dirt enter the fuel system; the air cleaner is too dirty; the carburetor is improperly adjusted; the engine fixing screw is loose; the engine crankshaft is bent. Remove the fuel filter; replace the fuel tank; turn off the fuel tank; re-install the fuel tank; re-install the fuel tank; The engine can not turn off. Reason: the throttle line in the engine on the installation location is not appropriate; throttle line break; throttle activity is not sensitive; flame line can not touch. Remedy: Reinstall the throttle line; replace the new throttle line; throw a small amount of oil into the throttle position; check or replace the flame stop line. Poor curly grass. Reason: the engine speed is too low; plot grass to block the grass; grassland humidity is too high; grass is too long, too dense; blade is not sharp. Elimination method: remove the mower within the grass; lawn with water, to be dry after the cut; two or three cuts, each cut only cut grass 1/3; the blade polished sharp.

Often, staff who use Cylinder Mower Blades should be professionally trained to master the skills and safety issues of use. So, how to better use the Cylinder Mower Blade to become today we have to learn a major focus. The next Linyi Green Run Seed Industry Co., Ltd. staff for us specifically about the use of Linyi Cylinder Mower Blade when the safe operation of the problem!

1, to use, do not barefoot operation, to wear work clothes; 2, fully understand the whole process of operation, in accordance with the instructions for reasonable operation, in case of sudden situation will stop the engine; 3, to ensure that the ground level. 4, in the removal of obstacles or check the Cylinder Mower Blade, you must stop the engine and unplug the spark plug. 5, before starting to check the machine parts to see if the blade and the machine link stability, if you want to re-replace the full set of replacement, otherwise there will be machine running ineffective. 6, check the parts of the screws, nuts, screws, to ensure that the most secure state. 7, do not put in high temperature areas, to avoid a fire explosion.

8, if found in the mowing someone is sure to pay attention, try not to mowing. 9, must not let the children touch the Cylinder Mower Blade, to avoid danger, should stay away from the fire, not to adjust the governor, turn the engine, speed up. 10, mowing finished should be closed the fuel door, the oil stored in a dedicated storage, placed in the shade.

The correct orientation of the development of landscape construction It is self-evident that, in order to better meet the ecological and environmental health environment, the auxiliary work between the various industries can be described as a positive response. Linyi Cylinder Mower Blade manufacturers strong support and investment is worthy of recognition and praise, in line with the trend of garden construction, specially equipped with a number of models of Cylinder Mower Blade equipment, mower accessories. But in terms of use, the potential risk is very large, if the use of improper, light machine damage, severe direct threat to personal safety.

This article aims to warn the majority of users in the use of the process of attention:

1, in strict accordance with the standard to use the instructions

Attach great importance to the provisions of the instructions, familiar with the safety precautions in the manual, to master the correct operational knowledge, such as: installation, operation, adjustment, maintenance, etc., to understand the scope of mower equipment, supporting power, spindle speed and other parameters ;

2, the preparatory work before the operation

First check the machine parts are faulty, such as: blade, rack, cutter wheel, screw tightness, etc., turn on the power after idle idle 2-5 minutes to check whether the direction of rotation of the mower is the same direction, pay attention to observe the machine The operation is smooth, with or without exception;

3, mower maintenance

Mowers to avoid long-term placement in the open air, pay attention to rain, moisture, so as to avoid rust; replace the dynamic, fixed blade fastening bolts, you must use high-strength bolts, and to maintain blade sharpness;