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Cylinder Mower Blade Low Operating Temperature And Fuel Saving Oct 26, 2017

Cylinder Mower Blade is a kind of mechanical tool for mowing lawns and vegetation, which is composed of cutter plate, engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blade, armrest and control part. The knife plate is mounted on the walking wheel, the cutter plate is equipped with the engine, the engine output shaft is equipped with the blade, the blade utilizes the engine high speed rotation to raise many in the speed aspect, saves the weeding worker's working time, reduces the massive human resources.

Large-area product alfalfa grass production should be selected with rubber flattening roller mower, this is because the stems of alfalfa thick, leaves more, the use of natural dry field, leaf drying faster than the stem, resulting in the stem water content to meet the requirements, nutrient-rich flowers, leaves have already fallen off. The mower can fracture or flatten the herbage stalk, and not damage the leaves, so as to accelerate the evaporation of the water in the stem, and make the stem leaf dry to be consistent, and its drying time can shorten the $number. The structure of the mower is mainly composed of cutting table, flattening roller, and so on, when the grass is cut into the pressure roll and then rolled into grass strips. The current foreign introduction, in the domestic dosage of Cylinder Mower Blade is larger:

The New Holland Company produces 472 types, 488 type, 499 type, 1465 type cutting grass flattening machine, cut the amplitude generally in 2.2 meters $number. 7 meters, efficiency from 15 acres ~25 mu/hour, need power for 50 horsepower ibp horsepower, domestic dosage more for 488 cut grass flattening machine.

The first step in choosing a lawnmower is to understand the characteristics of the lawn. The area of the lawn will affect your choice of engine horsepower, while the features of the lawn terrain determine the performance of the mower.

In general, 3.5 to 5 horsepower engines are fully capable of weeding tasks on small lawns. The engine suitable for this kind of lawn must have the characteristics of stable start-up and reliable performance. Hand-push engine does not need too much maintenance, is a suitable for small area of the preferred engine weeding. It starts smooth, convenient, and can achieve maximum horsepower in an instant.

A 5-to 6.5-horsepower hand-push mower or 8.5 to 12.5-horsepower mount mower is appropriate for medium-area lawns. Since the area of weeding is proportional to the engine power, it is important to pay attention to the durability and working time of the engine when you are choosing a Cylinder Mower Blade.

Large-area lawns must be equipped with high-powered engines (20 to 25 horsepower garden tractors). The use of less power Cylinder Mower Blade to organize large areas of grass, not only will damage the equipment, but also reduce the service life of the equipment. The 22 horsepower mower can meet your needs.

For simple terrain with gentle slopes and less corners, it is recommended that you use the basic hand-push Cylinder Mower Blade. An excellent hand-push mower must have a feature that is easy to start. The lawn with uneven ground and obstruction requires the mower to have better steering performance. Self-walking mower is easy to move and small mounts are easier to operate. In this case, you can match your mount mower with a power of 12.5 to 17.5 hp I/C engine. The engine is not only powerful but also fuel efficient. In addition, because of its low operating temperature advantages, thus prolonging the engine service life.

The high and low topography, the surface barrier of large area courtyard to the engine performance posed a great challenge. Green Garden Machinery is applicable to lawn tractors, can take up the rake sweep, handling, traction, ploughing, farming and weeding tasks.