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Bottom Blade Very Functional May 18, 2017

Can be used for milling all kinds of width of the slot, milling tenon and mortise, etc., with a simple fixture can also be done even tenon or finger or puzzle. Straight knife size a lot, the most commonly used is 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch straight knife. If you want to milling more than 1/2 inch slot can be more than two times, 1/4 inch -1 / 2 inch slot between the 1/4 inch straight knife can be used twice. A narrower than 1/4 inch

Straight knife there is a variant, is the so-called Bottom Blade: blade down a little bit, with a certain ability to cut, milling closed slot to facilitate a little. But because the ability to cut is not very strong, milling deep groove often need to milling several times, I would rather use ordinary straight knife + electric drill. However, the end of the knife there is another useful: with a simple fixture can be used to smooth the wood, part of the function instead of electric planer. If you do not have a planer or electric planer with a bad, you can try to use the end knife, is tired, to milling many times.

2, trimming knife / imitation trimming knife:

Is a straight knife plus a bearing. Trim knife bearing in the side of the head, imitation trimming knife bearing on the side of the handle. Can be used as:

Trimming: For example, the workpiece fixed at the table,Bottom Blade the bearing close to the table to go again, the edge of the workpiece trim.

Copy: do more than the same workpiece, you can first do a fine, the other first to do some rough, and then use a trim knife / imitation trimming knife to copy.

Imitation: do the same type of workpiece, you can first use other easy to deal with the material to be a template (such as cardboard) and then use the trimming knife / imitation line repair knife imitation.

Bottom Blade These two kinds of knives can prepare one, according to the situation to see which one to use. Imitation trimming knife can also be used straight knife + sleeve instead.

3, round knife:

Used in the edge of the workpiece to wear a beautiful rounded corners; with other tools, you can also milling more beautiful curves; with a simple rule can be wooden square milling into a cylinder, of course, the diameter can not be too large.

Because the bottom with a bearing, hand-held engraving machine is also very convenient to use,Bottom Blade especially when the larger pieces of heavy workpiece can be more hand-held. It may be more convenient to use a reverse engraving machine for smaller pieces.

 Rounded knives also have a lot of size, 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch is more commonly used, the budget is enough to add 1/8 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch.

4, slot knife (T-knife):

Belong to the kind of useless time that it is not much use, used later will feel so cool knife. Although its function can also be used straight knife + fixture to get, but with this knife in many cases will be a lot easier. If you will change the bearing, then buy a knife can be out of the depth of the slot.