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Bottom Blade Strict Engineering Specifications For Specific Applications Aug 03, 2017

When you need excellent cutting quality, please choose the top of the industry trusted by the end knife: the real Bottom Blade. Each of the basins made has been specially designed to meet the rigorous engineering specifications of  based on specific applications to ensure the best quality of cutting grass and the appearance of cutting grass. The engineers focus on the physical characteristics of each end knife, including the flatness of the Bottom Blade and the specific position of the countersunk head. How these features fit is the key to your successful operation.

The bottom knives are manufactured according to the same hardness specifications and quality materials from the original factory with the Bottom Blade to ensure that your lawn mower is still reliable after replacing the Bottom Blade. Each of the bottom knives is designed by the engineer based on the engineering specifications of the particular application to meet the stringent standards.

Printing slotting machine, also known as water-based printing slotting machine, carton printing slotting machine, ink printing slotting machine or corrugated cardboard printing slotting machine, is the printing, slotting, cutting angle, pressure line, trimming five processes As one of the integrated carton processing equipment, corrugated box production is an indispensable after the processing equipment. In accordance with the different color groups, printing slot machines and monochrome, two-color, three-color, four-color and other models. General slot machines are electric linkage adjustment, slotting, pressure line once completed. Printing slotting machine used in printing dairy, food, beverages, health products, electrical appliances and other products of the carton packaging.

Bottom Blade is a key component in the printing slotting machine. The quality of the slotted knife directly affects the quality of the carton. Therefore, the selection of the Bottom Blade is of the utmost importance. Henglida brand slotting machine blade through careful selection, improve the technology, advanced heat treatment to create sophisticated products, have a higher toughness and wear resistance, blade blade long and sharp, accurate thickness tolerance and core perfect match, Cut neatly, no indentation and tearing phenomenon, product durability, by the user praise. Slotted Bottom Blade and arc on the knife and the core is a complete part of the slot machine, the three are closely related, indispensable, any one of the products can not be processed without a perfect carton.

China's woodworking cutter on the market, forming knives and other woodworking tools the most professional manufacturers and one of the most important suppliers. After more than 10 years of development, "wave" tool in the domestic industry has become well-known brands, occupy a considerable market share. At the same time, the company's products from more than 80 international countries more and more customers recognition and praise.