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Bottom Blade Meet Strict Standards Jun 01, 2017

When you need excellent cutting quality, please choose the top of the industry trusted by the end knife: the real Bottom Blade. Each end knife is designed to meet stringent engineering specifications based on specific applications to ensure the best quality of cutting grass and the appearance of cutting grass. The engineers focus on the physical characteristics of each end knife, including the flatness of the Bottom Blade and the specific position of the countersunk head. How these features fit is the key to your successful operation.

Excellent manufacturing quality

 The bottom knives are manufactured according to the same hardness specifications and quality materials from the original factory with the Bottom Blade to ensure that your lawn mower is still reliable after replacing the Bottom Blade. Each of the bottom knives is designed by the engineer based on the engineering specifications of the particular application to meet the stringent standards.

 Of the processing technology to ensure

Each of the Bottom Blade mounting holes is flush and uniform

· Certified and traceable materials

Computer-controlled machining and finishing processes

· Excellence in engineering team of engineers

 Bottom Blade advantages:

The flatness of the knife is very good, extending the service life and optimizing the shear quality

· Accurate mounting hole position and countersunk ramps

Less adjustment

The outstanding performance of the end piece in form, match and function

· The specifications are perfectly matched to ensure superior cutting quality

The Bottom Blade out of the box there is just right flatness

The expected quality of the outstanding shear from

More hardened tool steel made of the end knife, keep sharp time longer, wear less!