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Bottom Blade In Order To Maintain Stability And Balance Jun 14, 2017

Bottom Blade are mostly used for wood chamfering, metal trim, strip edging and other motor-type activities of the strong trimming equipment. Also known as chamfering machine.

Trimming machine is to use the knife to the edge of the board, you can according to the shape of the edge of the wood will be the edge of the corresponding shape, usually used as a right angle into a rounded round edge, also used for proper polishing of wood operations. Also widely used in construction beams, plates, columns, walls, etc. reinforcement, decoration, wall installation, bracket, railings, billboards, air conditioning outdoor unit, rail, satellite receiver elevator, steel plant installation.

Bottom Blade are generally operated in one hand, but in order to maintain stability and balance, the other hand can be used to assist.

Operation, first grasp the trimming machine (note the blade to avoid injury), and then open the trimming machine switch. Beginners have just started operation,

Do not start the machine just started when the vibration and sound scared, just start the machine operation when there is a certain vibration, we must hold the machine, do not let go, otherwise it will be dangerous.

After the start of the trimmer (be careful not to block the inlet and outlet, pay attention to the inlet do not inhale the sawdust), the machine will quickly reach the normal speed, and then you can insert the cutter into the workpiece vertical. If the trimming operation, then the first base of the following work, and then slowly to the cutter against the work, this time must hold the machine, so as not to rebound.

Trimming machine milling cutter into the workpiece, you can promote the milling. The speed of the push is different depending on the type of work, the depth of the milling, the level of the cutter.

If you can not move the feeling, or the motor sound weight, you need to slow down. In the process of advancing, to keep the trimming machine smooth, not tilted, otherwise the milling will not be vertical.

After the milling operation is completed, the trimmer can be lifted vertically so that the milling cutter leaves the workpiece. If you do not lift the trimmer vertically, there is a danger of interrupting the cutter or breaking the workpiece. If the trimming machine operation, or the use of T-shaped groove knife, flat feather knife, should first push the knife to the right to leave the workpiece, and then lift the trimmer.

Trimming machine lift, you can turn off the trimmer switch, and then the trimming machine square on the table, milling tip must be forward, it will not hurt themselves. If you want to re-use, it is best to unplug the plug, clean up the machine.

Every time you install a woodworking cutter, before using the trimmer machine, (Beginners easy to overlook, the length of different milling cutter, milling cutter each insert the depth of the spindle is different, the plane or concave hole will cause the milling depth problem, Moreover,Bottom Blade the best milling machine trimming depth is about 3-6MM, Deep hole, it must be divided into, otherwise it will make the cutter quickly blunt or hurt the machine.

1, the trimming machine erected in the workpiece or flat on the desktop. If the boring hole, then stand in the concave hole.

2, the loose base of the plastic twist, so that the milling cutter end contact with the workpiece or table.

3, tighten the plastic twist.

4, check the fuselage on the scale scale, the data that represents "zero". Each time the data is incremented, the data is incremented.

Note: Zeroing is very important before using a trimmer.

Milling depth of woodworking trimmer

Trimming machine manufacturers usually in accordance with their manufacturing machine performance, set the milling depth, are generally about 3mm. Some will be relaxed for hardwood 3mm, cork 6mm. We can look through the use of their own trimming machine manual, see how the provisions in the end. And its provisions of the 3mm deep, refers to the use of 6mm shader straight knife in terms of. For example,Bottom Blade to 12mm deep hole, it is necessary to operate four times, starting from 3mm, each increase of 3mm until 12mm deep so far.

But the use of trimming knife, flat knife, 1 / 4R knife or T-shaped ditch knife, etc., are set to a predetermined depth, how to do it? Or with a large size of the shaving straight knife or clear knife, how to operate? Individuals use a more stupid way to think: "equivalent" is about the amount of meaning. If we do not consider the diameter of the woodworking cutter, and the cutter as a longitudinal section to see its area,Bottom Blade then with 6mm straight knife 3mm depth, that is, 6 × 3 = 18. If the diameter of 12mm straight knife, then 18 ÷ 12 = 1.5, so the insurance is 1.5mm deep each time deep, at most 2mm deep. If you use a trimming knife to repair six points (18mm) of the wood core board, then 18 ÷ 18 = 1, that is, each cut the amount of only 1mm thickness. This kind of thinking, of course, refers to the general situation, but also must consider the milling cutter blunt, the type of wood and the machine to promote the speed. If the amount of milling, the first will find the woodworking cutter will be quickly blunt, and trimming machine will not take long, the center axis or reimbursement.