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What are the properties of the tool in order to obtain a broad market Sep 30, 2016

The hardness of the material requirements of the tool will normally be relatively high, the minimum requirement is higher than the workpiece hardness of the material. The same is true for slitter blades. However, not just hardness, the tool must have a very performance in the market to "kill" a way out, winning the favor of consumers. High requirements on the performance of tools, including wear resistance, heat resistance, thermal conductivity, strength and toughness. The following is a specific explanation.

High abrasion resistance and heat resistance. Tool material wear resistance refers to the ability to resist abrasion, in general, the higher the hardness of the tool material, the better wear resistance; heat resistance is usually high temperature materials to maintain high hardness properties to measure, that is, heat Hardness, the better the heat resistance, tool materials in the cutting process resistance to deformation and the ability to wear the stronger.

Good thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of the tool material is expressed by the thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity is good, the heat generated during the cutting is easy to be transmitted, the temperature of the cutting part of the tool is reduced, the wear of the tool is reduced and the thermal shock and heat resistance of the tool material is improved. The ability to crack. .