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Status Quo and Development of NC Tool and Measuring Instrument Technology Sep 30, 2016

Energy equipment manufacturing, especially clean energy such as nuclear power, wind power equipment manufacturing industry in recent years, rapid development. Some typical key components in power generation equipment, such as steam turbine blades, rotor wheel groove and turbine generator rotor embedded groove and other cutting, due to the processing of materials are heat-resistant high-strength alloy steel, stainless steel and other difficult materials, , Heavy cutting load, the cutting performance of CNC cutting tools, such as high temperature red hardness, bending shear strength, wear resistance, anti-adhesion, friction coefficient, etc. have high requirements. At the same time, high-precision complex surface cutting of the accuracy of the CNC tool itself also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, the processing and testing of typical parts of these power generation equipments represent and reflect to some extent the latest achievements and level of advanced cutting technology and advanced numerical control tools, advanced digital measurement technology and measuring instruments, and are highly concerned by the tool manufacturing industry. In addition, the research to see high-precision, large-scale wind power transmission gear box forming processing and measurement, as well as transmission rolling screw hard cutting forming processing and other new technologies also left a deep impression.