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Slitting machine blade industry dynamics Sep 30, 2016

In recent years, the domestic electronics market is fiery, the domestic lithium battery industry benefited a lot, slitter blade manufacturers are beneficiaries; as the Mainland mobile phone sales hot, not only the domestic lithium battery industry development is good, the Taiwan businessmen also have massive invasion of the trend;

According to reports, due to the domestic mobile phone lithium battery market is in a stage of high growth, the relevant slitter blade production of Taiwan businessmen ahead of the layout of the layout, production of the sub-cut the production of lithium-ion battery manufacturers in Taiwan, Machine blade factory has entered the trial operation phase, but at this stage Taiwan enterprises due to market transfer, is still in the doldrums; industry analysis, the future recovery in the global economy, Taiwan Slitter blade industry will be driven by domestic enterprises continued Recovery, not only in the export market have the opportunity to continue to rise, the domestic market will increase the demand for lithium batteries business increased.

Taiwan enterprises in the lithium battery manufacturing industry plays a leading role in the industry, with a sound information systems and technology, high-quality blade to ensure smooth development of lithium battery industry; , Mainly to small and medium enterprises, a number of large enterprises set up a single blade cutting machine production plant, the production of a small amount of blades for sale, so the scale is not large.