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Slitter blade material Sep 30, 2016

A: product performance and use: the product undergoes strict quality control, high temperature heat treatment to remove internal stress, extended working life. Slitter blade is mainly used for paper, tape, tape, film, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, alloy foil and other items of the longitudinal cut. These high-grade metal foil cutting requirements of high precision, no glitches, no indentation phenomenon, so the difficulty of cutting larger.

SKH-2, SKH-51, M2, W6Mo5Cr4V2 (SKH), tungsten steel, etc.) as raw materials. On the cutting, cross-cutting tool requires a higher precision, cutting the smallest resistance, wear the most sharp edge lasting. The use of high-tech technology, the blade of the ceramic composite and blade surface treatment of tungsten carbide coating, so that the blade in the cutting, the wear is not easy and not posts Posts, reducing the time of the cut friction to solve this problem , Greatly improving the cutting accuracy and speed, and to extend the tool life.