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Machining requires high tooling while reducing contamination Sep 30, 2016

About 70% of premature failure of various electromechanical products is caused by wear and corrosion, both of which are closely related to the surface state of the material (physical, chemical and stress states). Therefore, to improve the performance of such materials is the key to improving its surface properties.

With the development of science and technology, the surface properties of the material requirements are getting higher and higher. In recent decades, the rise of various vapor deposition technology, the surface engineering technology research and application have made rapid development. These technologies not only achieve mechanical properties, such as wear resistance, friction reduction and corrosion resistance, but also in the electromagnetic, optical, optoelectronics, thermal, superconductivity and biology and surface related functional materials to show their talents. Surface engineering not only make the low-cost metal materials in the performance and benefits to play a greater advantage, and has become the development of a variety of new coatings and thin film material important means, has great potential applications.