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Development Trend and New Technology of Cutting Tools Sep 30, 2016

Machining centers and other CNC machine tools have been used before the traditional 7:24 solid taper tool system, the tool handle due to the combination of the cone, the handle and the spindle connection rigidity is low, the spindle speed of more than 10000r / min, rigid connection More obvious. For ATC tool change, the radial dimension of the tool may change after each tool change. There is a problem of low repeatability. In order to solve these problems the main standard 7:24 handle to improve. In the HSK tool handle inspired, in recent years there have been 7:24 knife handle the new connection technology, such as the Japanese research company and Showa company developed three contact (3LOCKSYSTEM) and two-sided (BIGPLUS) 2 7: 24 Attach the tool holder. Compared to the standard 7:24 tool holders, they have higher coupling rigidity and precision for high-speed, high-efficiency cutting, and are compatible with existing 7:24 tool holders or machine tools. Development direction, in addition to the standard 7:24 shank structure transformation, the current main use of new HSK shank and KM shank.